Managing Partner at Fat & Happy Beverages
A true passion for spirits and the stories behind them has connected the varied roles Karen Meymaryan has ridden in the wine and spirits industry. He is longtime successful manager of liquor industry such as Pernod Ricard where he was head of sales manager by shaping sales organization and scales company revenue to the next level. Meymaryan shares his approach to creating a home for the various brands, some of which are centuries old, and others are newer than the country, which declared its independence from Russia thirty years ago! He explains how he has built his company, “It’s based on a mutual connection to the brand and the people behind it. While certainly there are ratios and financial criteria, it’s not just about measuring, but it’s about a feeling. I am most passionate about building up the brands, and watching them develop, rather rather than just merely distributing the product. When you have a personal connection with the product you can successfully become an advocate of the brand. Many Armenian and Eastern European manufacturers who follow the United States market trust us. They’re reaching out to us to onboard them on this journey.”