ARARAT Coffee is a new interpretation of the legendary taste. New product created by the masters of Yerevan Brandy Company nobly combines the brightest of coffee and brandy and will captivate not only true connoisseurs of the elegant beverages but also those, whose journey to the world of fine combinations is still ahead.

ARARAT Coffee is made of aged ARARAT brandy, the organoleptic brightness of which is enriched with the taste of coffee.

New product is characterized by dark amber color with the shades of coffee gloss. Rich and rounded taste of it is transforming into multi-faceted tones of coffee and ends up with the soft taste of fresh cream.

ARARAT Coffee is the second in the ARARAT Flavors family. It is in the harmonious dialogue with the recently launched ARARAT Apricot and holds its bright place among premium brandies of ARARAT range. It is worth mentioning, that ARARAT Apricot which is the first innovative product of Yerevan Brandy Company had an unprecedented success and in the short period of time became N1 Imported Flavored Brandy in the “Premum +” category worldwide (according to IWSR). It also won Gold medal at the XXIII at the International professional wines and spirits contest.

ARARAT successfully strengthens its positions of international brand, that is why new flavor reflects a tradition deeply appreciated by Armenians and accepted in many countries worldwide. Undoubtedly everyone enjoys a cup of coffee in a unique way. For someone it is an attempt to travel to the end of mind, for the other — it’s a way to express love and attachment to others. And yet it is a great symbol of warm and sincere talk almost in all the cultures. That is why ARARAT Coffee is not just an ideal organoleptic combination, but also an important culturological story. Inspired with the traditions of the world, where a cup of coffee enriches the moments of the Heart to Heart get-togethers, ARARAT Coffee reveals new facet of this charming ritual and brings to it a piece of Armenian warmth.

“ARARAT is a rare example of rich traditions which never leash, but on the contrary, they always inspire to go beyond. ARARAT Coffee is a very important project for us. Taking into account the segment’s trend on the international market as well as the success of ARARAT Apricot we are sure in the great perspective of the product”, comments Ani Beriashvili, Managing Director of Yerevan Brandy Company.

“Almost every creative process implies a combination, the beauty of which is determined by its inner harmony. That harmony goes beyond any explanation, you simply feel it. Organoleptic harmony of coffee and brandy reminds a story about creation of a classic piece of art, which is based on the consumers’ love towards those two products. One can feel the reflection of this love with the very first aroma notes of ARARAT Coffee. Tones of roasted coffee and dark chocolate enriched with rich bouquet of ARARAT Brandy will become an epigraph to the classic story”, says Hamlet Antonyan, Production Director of Yerevan Brandy Company.

This new interpretation of the classic combination can be enjoyed both neat and in various servings.

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